SINCE 1970.


Schooner Fish and Chips is a Canadian restaurant established in 1970. My husband Randy, who was legally blind, built Schooner's into a local favorite with the support of his father Harold and family. We provide quality food made with fresh ingredients prepared daily to best serve the community that we live in and love.



We've used the same fish batter recipe since 1970 and continue to operate a traditional way of filleting fish; our fish is ordered whole then we skin, debone, and fillet each piece with care. Our Cod is caught in New Brunswick, Haddock is caught in Nova Scotia, Halibut is caught out of Alaska, and Blue cod is caught in New Zealand.



At Schooner Fish & Chips, we take gluten-free very seriously! We are gluten-free verified by the Canadian Celiac Association. We use separate fryers and designated areas of our kitchen to uphold this commitment to you. With over 40 years of experience, we use top-quality ingredients to develop a recipe to match the taste and feel of our famous traditional fish and chips.